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The answer to that is the time-tested adage you get what you pay for.

In chasing the cheapest price you will most likely come across non-lawyers presenting themselves as the cheaper or more altruistic alternative to a lawyer. Please beware, in this world there are wolves in sheep's clothing.

More often than naught, unsuspecting victims end up paying more than they bargained for in following a non-lawyers illegitimate advice when they could have just hired an experienced immigration lawyer from the start. As these non-lawyers are operating illegally, victims are usually also left without the ability to hold these non-lawyers accountable before a higher legal authority.

U.S. lawyers are duly licensed and regulated by the U.S. government and courts, as such, they must respond to a higher legal authority if and when they act in such a manner that prejudices or harms you. Additionally, U.S. lawyers are trained in U.S. law and how to use all legal tools, mechanisms, and resources available within the law to properly represent or defend you before the U.S. government.

In the United States, only lawyers can practice law. When someone who is not licensed to practice law provides services that can only be performed by lawyers, this is called the Unlicensed Practice of Law (UPL), and it is a crime.

UPL can cover work done by notaries, paralegals (legal assistants), immigration consultants, specialists, and legal document preparers. These individuals can translate and fill out forms for you to submit if you do not understand English or know how to read and write, but cannot provide you with legal advice. If they do, it's UPL. These individuals also cannot represent you in immigration court, before USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services), or provide you with interpretations of the law as it may apply to your case. If they do, they could be prosecuted for UPL.

The Unauthorized Practice of Law also includes advising you which forms to use, evaluating the usefulness of a certain piece of evidence, strategizing on how to present a case or its associated legal arguments, preparing a case or, worse yet, presenting the case itself on your behalf, among many other illegal practices.

It is also considered UPL if a lawyer practices law while his license is suspended or after they have been disbarred.

Please note that foreign lawyers, even if their license is still valid in their country, and paralegals, even if they are being supervised by a U.S. attorney, cannot operate for themselves or under the auspices of an attorney that is duly licensed by a state bar association. There are no organizations or government boards that license these people to act on their own in a manner equivalent to a lawyer.

Only an attorney, duly licensed by a state bar association, can legally represent you in immigration matters before the United States government. Each state has a state bar association that maintains a registry of all attorneys duly licensed and authorized to practice in that state and in federal matters.

These bar associations have rules established by the supreme court of their state and the Supreme Court of the United States and are known as The Bar, for example, in the state of Florida it is The Florida Bar.

How will I know if I'm talking to a real lawyer or a fraud?

Ask them for their Bar Number.

The Bar Number is the term used to refer to an attorney's license number.

With this Bar Number, you can find the attorney in your state's bar registry to verify that the license is valid and which office they belong to or own. You can also search for a lawyer by first and last name.

A lawyer's Bar Number is public information and you cannot be denied it.

A licensed attorney duly registered in any state of the U.S. may act as your attorney in any region, embassy, consulate, state, or territory of the United States in matters controlled by federal law, such as immigration law.

If you cannot open the website in your country, please find below a screenshot of Mr. Boan's profile with The Florida Bar:

Do your own research.

Before signing a contract or making your first payment, be sure to research the company you want to hire, especially the name and Bar Number of the lawyer who will handle your case as well as those who are part of the firm. A simple Google or YouTube search, for example, can tell you a lot about the company you intend to hire.

Ask them to use Form G-28.

Form G-28 requires the attorney to provide their Bar Number, so both the client and the government can confirm that a duly licensed attorney was handling the case. When your immigration case is accompanied by a signed Form G-28, you will benefit from allowing your attorney to establish a direct line of communication with the U.S. government, which may expedite your case if the government requests additional evidence, takes too long to process your case, or misapplied the law in deciding your case.

Attorneys are like an insurance policy: you never think you need one until it's too late.

With G.E.B. GLOBAL, you can count on the peace of mind of hiring an attorney that is duly licensed by the State of Florida and authorized to practice immigration law.

We provide clear and effective legal guidance, along with the necessary tools and tactics to successfully plan, prepare, and execute all stages of your immigration case.

In deciding whether or not to hire a U.S. attorney, it will be up to you to decide if such costs are worth it to you. We here at G.E.B. GLOBAL can appreciate and respect the seriousness of the investment, both in time and money, in moving to the United States and how it is both a privilege and a great responsibility to join you on your path towards your American Dream.

Our prices are extremely competitive, we offer payment plans, and unlike other law firms, your contact throughout the entire process will be directly with your attorney - Mr. Gregory E. Boan,Esq.

If you have already started a case, we are happy to provide you with a second opinion if you need one, and if you are preparing to apply for a visa, contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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