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EB-2 NIW Approvals

At G.E.B. GLOBAL, our achievements with the EB-2 National Interest Waiver (NIW) visa category highlights the contributions of advanced degree professionals and exceptionally talented individuals poised to significantly benefit the U.S. National Interest. With a strategic and customized approach, we've expertly guided our clients through the heavily nuanced EB-2 NIW process, facilitating their journey to U.S. permanent residence. Our approvals span diverse sectors such as science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), arts, and business, emphasizing the vital contribution of these individuals to bolstering America’s innovation and serving its national interests.

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EB-1A Approvals

At G.E.B. GLOBAL, we take immense pride in guiding our clients through the EB-1A visa process. Each approval celebrates ambition and talent, highlighting our commitment to excellence and support for individuals worldwide seeking the American Dream. We recognize the distinct challenges and achievements each EB-1A case may entail, and are committed to navigating these specific complexities with detailed precision and unwavering professionalism. These approvals fuel our passion and commitment to helping extraordinary talents start new chapters in the United States, marking both professional milestones and the beginning of their promising futures here. 

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E-2 Approvals

At G.E.B. GLOBAL, our E-2 investor visa clients are not just entrepreneurs and investors; they are visionaries who have actualized their American Dreams, making significant contributions to the U.S. economy with substantial investments and the creation of job opportunities. Our team is dedicated to supporting these dynamic individuals every step of the way, from the initial consultation to the successful visa approval, facilitating a seamless transition of their investment concepts into thriving business enterprises within the United States. Each E-2 visa approval represents not just a legal milestone but a celebration of innovation, resilience, and the entrepreneurial spirit that fosters growth and opens new opportunities.

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Family Approvals

At the core of our efforts with family-based visas at G.E.B. GLOBAL lies the principle of family reunification. We have had the honor of assisting numerous families, including those seeking to begin their journey together through fiancée visas, in navigating the complex pathway to reunification within the United States. Our success stories are more than just legal victories; they are emotional reunions and the beginning of new chapters for families. Whether it involves uniting spouses, fiancées, children, parents, or siblings, we deeply value our contribution to reuniting families. We commit to guiding each family’s journey with compassion, understanding, and unparalleled professional diligence.

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