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G.E.B. Global _ Eligibility

Free preliminary analysis of your eligibility for an employment-based Green Card.

With G.E.B. GLOBAL, you may count on a free preliminary analysis of your eligibility for an employment-based visa.


Upon reviewing your resume and based on your professional and academic history, we will determine which immigration visa opportunity best suits your profile. Then, you may contact our office to receive clear and effective advice on the specifics of the law, along with the tools and strategies necessary to successfully plan, prepare and execute all steps of the immigration process.


We would like to underline that when you hire our firm, your point of contact during all stages of your immigration process will be attorney Gregory E. Boan himself.


We are diligent in examining and selecting the cases we represent because our only goal is the success of our clients. If you do not qualify for an immigration visa, you can schedule a consultation to learn more about possible alternatives.   

Don’t forget to include details such as the following in your resume:

  • Academic background.

  • Start and end dates of your academic program.

  • Current and past professional experience.

  • Start and end dates for each employment position.

  • Certification or licenses held.

  • Memberships in professional associations.

  • Publications by you or about you or your work.

  • Information about salaries or remuneration you have received that are considered high in your industry.

  • Awards or recognitions related to you or your work.

  • Links related to you or your work.

  • Dates of each activity (if possible).

  • Additional useful information about previous employment and career goals in the United States.

For inquiries on other immigration matters, feel free to contact us via E-mail or WhatsApp. 


What are you waiting for? 
Submit your resume today.

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