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EB-1A Visa and Green Card for Professionals of Extraordinary Ability

You may be eligible for an EB-1A visa if you are an outstanding professional in the areas of Science, Arts, Education, Business or Athletics.

The EB-1A visa category and Green Card  (“Extraordinary Ability Visa”) is one of the fastest ways to obtain Permanent Residence in the USA because the applicant applies directly for their Green Card without the need for a sponsor, that is, without the need for a job offer by an American employer.

How to prove “Extraordinary Ability”?

You may be considered a professional with “extraordinary abilities” by comparing your resume to that of other professionals in your area of expertise in your city, region, or country.

In summary, if you have excelled in your field, and have an above-average professional background, you ay be a strong candidate for the EB-1A Extraordinary Ability Visa category.


Band Performing on Stage

If you are an artist and excel in your work in TV, theater, radio or cinema, you are a strong candidate for the EB-1 visa category.

Judo Match

Being a black belt is one of the many factors considered in determining whether an individual has extraordinary martial arts skills


Applicants for the EB-1 visa in the “Extraordinary Ability” category can sponsor their own Green Card based on their merit if they fulfill any 3 of the 10 requirements below:


* Criteria for Demonstrating Extraordinary Ability


  • Proof of receipt of awards or awards of excellence less recognized nationally or internationally

  • Evidence of your membership in associations in the area that require exceptional achievement from its members

  • Evidence of material published about you in important professional or commercial publications or other important media

  • Evidence that you have been asked to judge the work of others, individually or on a panel

  • Evidence of your original scientific, academic, artistic, athletic or commercial contributions of great importance to the field

  • Evidence of your authorship of academic articles in important professional or commercial publications or other important media

  • Evidence that your work has been shown in art exhibitions or showcases

  • Evidence of your performance as a leading or critical role in different organizations

  • Evidence that you demand a high salary or other significantly high pay in relation to other people in the field

  • Evidence of its commercial success in the performing arts

You may be thinking, how difficult is it really to get approved as a professional of extraordinary ability?

Here are a few examples of how these requirements can be applied to a few professions.


Remember, these requirements can be mixed and matched into a winning combination for your case!

Examples of requirements for


Male Gymnast
Art Gallery
  • Receiving nationally or internationally recognized awards.

  • Relevant publications, commercials, media or reports about your work.

  • Evidence of its commercial success in the performing arts.

  • Evidence that his work was shown in exhibitions or artistic showcases.

EB-1A Visa with G.E.B. Global

If you think you can meet 3 of the 10 requirements listed above, the most important factor in obtaining an approval is effective representation by an immigration attorney.

When hiring G.E.B. Global, while preparing to file your case, we will work with you to develop your evidence, help you determine which documents will work best, and assist you in presenting the best body of work possible. 

To receive a free preliminary analysis of the viability of your immigration plan or case, we invite you to send your resume along with any other questions or details that may assist us in our analysis through the form below.

We will carefully analyze your resume and provide you with our opinion on your chances of success. We only represent cases we are confident in because winning approvals is what we do best.

Modern City

Free preliminary analysis of your eligibility for an employment-based Green Card.

With G.E.B. GLOBAL, you can count on a free preliminary analysis of your eligibility for an employment-based visa.

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