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Meet Ysset Boan, Public Relations at G.E.B. Global.

Working in the public relations industry for over 10 years, Ms. Ysset Boan brings a wealth of experience to G.E.B. GLOBAL as our Media Relations Manager.

From her humble beginnings as a publicist for a local automated menu company to organizing an international celebrity guest gala for the Miami Symphony and organizing both logistics and media for the largest food & wine trade show in the U.S.

Ms. Boan has worked in an array of public relation roles that have garnered her strong relationships with international chefs, artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs across the world.

Born and raised in the international city that is Miami, Ms. Boan is proud of her Caribbean heritage and loves working with our clients across the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa who are looking to share their own stories here in the United States. Additionally, as Ms. Boan is fluent in both English and Spanish, she is happy to assist our clients in accessing various media outlets such as NBC, Deco Drive, and CNN Español to name a few. Ms. Boan's ties to the media have allowed our clients' businesses to grow through the years, and she strongly believes that the American Dream is attainable for all.

At GEB GLOBAL, Ms. Boan is our contact point to providing the public with a better understanding of U.S. immigration law through cultural engagement, social media marketing, collaborative research, and public commentary.

If you are interested in collaborating with our office on any of these topics, please contact Ms. Boan at

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