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Meet Leonardo Jesus, Paralegal of the G.E.B. Global

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Leonardo Jesus has faced challenges from the start. The difficulties have not only shaped his professional journey but have helped him achieve his American dream as a result of hard work, patience, and creativity.

With exceptional communication skills in both Portuguese and English, Mr. Jesus first started his professional journey in business administration and, along the way, has worked in tourism management, international trade, marketing, and sales.

Whether working at the largest telecommunications company in Brazil or the busiest travel agency in South America, Mr. Jesus has always maintained that there is only one way to achieve success; and that is to treat everyone as you would like to be treated.

Following a very successful hospitality internship program in the United States, Mr. Jesus was honored with “The Star of Service Award” for consistently going above and beyond in the name of customer service.

For all those reasons, in July of 2019, Mr. Jesus was invited by Mr. Boan to join the GEB GLOBAL team to expand its services to the Brazilian community both within the United States and abroad.

Mr. Jesus is a certified immigration paralegal by the American Immigration Lawyer’s Association is part of the GEB GLOBAL to help you achieve the American dream.

For more information on Visa and Green Card opportunities, please contact Mr. Jesus via email:

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