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Eligibility and Chances for Approval

With G.E.B. Global, you may count on a free preliminary analysis of your eligibility for a variety of visas, including those based on employment, investment, or family ties.

We are meticulous in our analysis and in choosing the cases we represent, as our only objective is the success of our clients. We will carefully review the feasibility of your matter and if we believe you do not have a reasonable chance of success in a particular category, we will let you know.

We only accept cases if we believe we can achieve an approval. If we identify that you have a viable option for success, we will invite you to schedule a consultation to discuss the viability of your case and how to proceed with contracting our office.

We are very particular with who we agree to represent, as we seek to minimize the risk of a denial due to the cost and time invested by both parties involved. Therefore, we respectfully prefer to abstain from representing candidates who do not meet the requirements of the law, who do not have a high probability of success, or those we simply cannot help.

We will consider you a good candidate for a particular visa only if we have proven evidence that you meet the requirements under the law. That said, when discussing eligibility, questions concerning the likelihood or chances of approval will often come up. It is important to note that no attorney can, or should, provide you with an exact probability of success or claim with 100% certainty that your case will be approved or be free of hurdles. Sometimes, even the best cases run into obstacles, which doesn’t mean that the candidate isn’t qualified, this is just the reality of immigration law. Immigration lawyers are aware of this reality, so claiming that a process will be approved with 100% certainty or without any obstacles violates the ethical rules that govern their licenses as lawyers - please beware.

The process of applying for and receiving visas, permanent residence, and citizenship in the United States can be fraught with political and human error if an experienced and attentive attorney does not accompany it and act zealously to protect your rights. An attorney’s presence in your case will help ensure that the government acts accordingly pursuant the law, handling your case correctly and within normal processing times. Our role as a law firm is to keep you informed about the real difficulties involved in an immigration process, guide you towards success, position you for approval, and defend you against any obstacles that may arise.

If you are still unsure whether a particular visa is for you, or if you have already received the result of our preliminary analysis but still have questions, or if you want to start an immigration process, we invite you to schedule a formal consultation to discuss further.

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