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EB-2 NIW and Green Card Approved for Sports Manager and Soccer Coach

Congratulations to our client, a Sports Manager and Soccer Coach, currently living and working in the U.S., on receiving an approval of their EB-2 NIW and Green Card.

This particular case was a self-petition and did receive an RFE which was ultimately responded to. The EB-2 NIW was approved in approximately 21 months, this includes the time it took to respond to the RFE.

The Green Card was approved without the need for an interview with USCIS approximately 8 months later.

If you’d like to verify the approval of this case, feel free to enter the receipt number (SRC2090191610) in the following USCIS portal:

EB-2 NIW Petition

Green Card Case

If you are a Sports Manager and need help planning your move to the U.S., contact our office today to schedule your consultation.

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